Progressive Jackpots Played at Online Casinos

Even novice gamblers have heard about progressive jackpots, because winning a fantastic amount of money can instantly change life for the better. Therefore, many punters start playing at online casinos in an effort to try their luck.

Progressive jackpots are drawn in online slots developed by many top providers, the most famous of which are Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, NetEnt, IGT, Microgaming, Relax Gaming and other brands. Jackpots are offered in various variations, depending on how they are played. For example, you may be asked to claim a big win in a particular game. There are other jackpots, the drawing of which is carried out in a large number of amusements from a provider on the website of an online casino. Usually the list of qualifying titles is presented on the promotion page. Be sure to study the terms and conditions of participation in it.

When joining progressive jackpot games, it is important to remember that the results are determined by the work of Random Number Generators. All that is required of a punter is to place bets in a given range and believe in his or her luck!

Progressive jackpots played in online casinos are one of the most common and popular among gamblers. They often come in various levels, which allows punters with different budget levels to claim a certain amount of winnings.

To participate in the progressive jackpots games offered at the online casino, you need to fulfill simple qualification conditions. These include having an active account on the site and money on the balance. The casino may decide to include only certain titles from one of its partner providers in the list of qualifying games, or allow playing in the entire collection of amusements that it has provided. Please note that in the first case, the progress of participation in the progressive jackpot drawing will be counted only when playing in the qualifying games. The winnings will be paid by the online casino.


The next type of jackpots is carried out by providers who have developed slots and themselves offer them the opportunity to win big. Such jackpots are played in any number of games of the company. It determines whether all its entertainment will be included in the number of qualifying titles, or a certain list will be formed. 

Punters can register at any online casino that is its partner to take part in jackpot games from the provider. Visit the promotion page and carefully study the terms and conditions of participation in it. You will probably need a deposit, so top up your balance by picking from the payment solutions presented on the site. After that, launch any of the provider’s games with the opportunity to win the jackpot, place bets in a given range and claim a big win. Its payout will be made at the expense of the provider.


One of the most common types of progressive jackpots is jackpots that can be won in certain games. This means that you do not need to spray your attention and concentration on different amusements from the provider. It’s simple — create an account in an online casino, make a deposit and start the game with the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot, for example, Mega Moolah.

Before you start playing, learn the rules of the slot. Special attention should be paid to the paytable, RTP and volatility (this indicator demonstrates the frequency and size of payouts of winnings). It is also important to understand what size of bet is acceptable to make, and whether there is an opportunity to win big by betting a small amount. Knowing all the nuances will help you avoid pitfalls and make you as prepared as possible for the fight for the progressive jackpot.

Jackpots in Online Casino

The jackpot is one of the most common concepts in the online gaming industry worldwide. It started with lottery, where a single winner takes home a large sum of money accumulated by the wager of other players. Interestingly, many casino games, especially slots, have now adopted these prize pools into their systems. 

Players visit gambling sites with the hope of betting real money and receiving a payout worth considerably more than their bet amount. But unlike the regular returns that come with playing basic games, the rewards in a jackpot usually run into hundreds of thousands or millions. 

The promise of becoming instant millionaires from casino games is one of the strongest incentives for clients to play online slots. However, like most titles on an online gambling site, wins are random and cannot be predicted. So, there is no guarantee that anyone will win the grand prize. 

Nevertheless, you can improve your chances of winning massive amounts of real money when you gamble on slots. In this article, we offer you a comprehensive guide to how jackpot operates and proven steps to win from prize pools at casinos. You can also find tips on how to choose platforms and the most popular slots with prize pools.

How to Choose a Good Casino for Jackpot Hunting

There are thousands of online casinos offering top-quality jackpot slots. However, the experience they offer players differs in a lot of ways. That’s why we recommend playing only at reputable casinos. Unsure of how to recognize these top gambling sites? Below are a few features that are essential for an exciting adventure. 

Fast Payouts

Casinos are at liberty to make terms and conditions relating to the speed of payouts. This means you cannot withdraw your winnings until the casino approves. To enjoy the best experience, opt for gambling sites with fast payout options. 

Flexible Banking Methods

Ensure the casino allows you to make seamless and convenient deposits. There should also be a variety of banking methods for withdrawals. Where these features exist, you won’t have problems placing bets and withdrawing real money wins. 

Gaming Variety

The best casinos are those that offer multiple slot machine jackpots. So, it is important to look out for the different titles available in the casino and the potential rewards they offer. 

24/7 Customer Support

Should anything go wrong while playing games, it is expected that the website has a responsive customer support team to rectify issues. Only casinos whose customer service representatives are available across a multiple of channels will deliver a hitch-free experience. 

What Is a Jackpot? 

A jackpot is the largest payout available on any online casino game. It is an extra big or mega-money win that is usually larger than the amount you can claim from regular bonuses and multipliers. This feature is mostly found in slot machine releases across gambling sites. 

In many cases, the jackpot rewards are gotten from a prize pool that combines all the wagers of every player within a particular period. Not every type of this promo is the same. Some have a fixed value, while others may depend on a player’s bet size or the number of gamblers that compete for the grand prize. 

Regardless of what form it takes, casino jackpots require you to land winning combinations, like in the base game. And quite similar to regular wins, they are unpredictable and free from manipulation. So, there is no special hack to claiming the grand prize, and only lucky players get to win it. 

Not all slots have this mega-money element. The special releases that feature a jackpot are typically developed by world-renowned casino software suppliers.  Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming and Microgaming are some of the brands that create the most popular type of these slots globally. 

How Do Jackpots Work?

To a regular player, the jackpot system is a simple feature that luckily selects a gambler for the big prize. But behind the scenes, the algorithm and processes running a jackpot are special and complicated. 

Firstly, on a compatible slot, customers independently spin the reels, hoping to win a huge sum of money attached to the game. Depending on the type of jackpot, this prize may be fixed or may increase as more players place bets. 

Each gambler spins the reels, hoping to hit a combination of the highest paying symbol in the slot. Every player that lands this winning symbol combination joins a pool of other customers who have hit a similar formation on their reels. Afterward, the algorithm filters eligible winners based on the rules of the prize. 

For instance, some require you to place bets with the maximum wager amount. Those who do not meet this requirement are disqualified from a chance to win the grand prize. The system then proceeds to select one of the players and issues the mega money sum. Like with the lottery, eventual grand winners are chosen at random, and you need a great deal of luck to win the jackpot. 

Types of Jackpots

All promos are similar in the sense that they give large payouts to players. However, the way the grand prize is calculated and shared may differ across the different types of slots jackpots. Here are some of the common variants you’ll find at online casinos. 

Progressive Jackpot

As the name suggests, a progressive jackpot is a variant where the original prize pool continues to increase each time anyone plays the game. It typically starts with a fixed value, but when other gamblers place bets and fail to win the grand prize, their wagers are added to the payout. 

This variant can run into millions, providing a life-changing opportunity for anyone who wins the mega money. To be eligible for this pool, you ought to have bet with the maximum wager amount. There are also two common types of progressive jackpots slots, namely the standalone progressive and a wide area progressive. While the first option is a reward that accumulates on one game, the other pools the prize money from multiple linked games. 

Fixed Jackpots

Another popular form is the fixed jackpot. Unlike the progressive variant, this type of mega prize has a predetermined amount. The entire potential rewards for the jackpot winner do not change in value, but the total prize may depend on how many players compete in the slot. 

One of the most common types is the betting pool. In this case, the mega-money reward is calculated based on a combination of player bets. The other type is the casino fixed jackpot, which is determined before the game starts and does not increase, regardless of the wager of players.  

Local Jackpots

It is a type of mega-money bonus that is restricted to one game and the value increases by the number of players that place wagers. The major difference between this variant and progressive jackpots is that they cannot be spread across games. 

Casinos usually select which slots the massive cash prize will be attached to. This bonus is not popular among online casino players, so the value of the wins may not be as high as progressive slots. 

Daily Jackpots 

The daily jackpot is a quite common variant that gives payouts every day. Daily bonuses are frequently tied to progressive slots because their bonuses increase as different players wager on the game. However, when compared to progressive jackpots, the daily mega prizes are typically smaller.

They also have a fixed time when the winner of the prize pot is announced. In essence, the designated slot game accumulates bets from gamblers and pays out a random player by midnight every day. Casinos may spread this prize pool across different games from the same supplier or across titles with the same theme. 

Random Jackpots

Built on the theory of fairness that is common to most casino titles, the random jackpot is a mega-money reward system that selects winners without any ordered conditions. There is no fixed timing and any player can win, regardless of how many times you have participated. 

All that is required to win on this type of slot is to spin the reels. Many titles do not even require spins to form winning symbol combinations before the jackpot is triggered. Anyone can be selected randomly, as the game depends largely on your luck rather than skill. 

Hot Drop Jackpots

It is an innovative online casino mechanic that revolutionizes how slots operate. Generally, hot drop slots have three versions that players can win from at different versions. The first is the hourly jackpot, which will drop to a lucky player every hour. We also have the daily promo, which drops before the end of the day. 

Lastly, there is the super jackpot, which is programmed to drop before the prize pool hits a maximum threshold of $250,000 or its currency equivalent. 

How to Win Jackpots on Slot Machines 

One of the most common debates among online casino visitors is how to win jackpots. Interestingly, there is no guaranteed way to secure a win. That’s because the rewards are paid out at random to players and are largely unpredictable.

However, you can slightly improve your chances of winning if you follow some important strategies. Here are five rules that bring you a step closer to claiming the grand prize on any progressive or fixed jackpot slot. 

Play Often

The most proven technique to slightly increase your chances of winning is to play as much as possible. Since winners are selected at random, playing often improves the odds that the game will be triggered when you play. 

Prime the Pump

Priming the pump is a casino term that indicates increasing your bet value as you continue to play. It is advisable to bet on the highest possible wager amount. Doing this gives your single bet more value per round. The algorithm is also expected to pick higher betting patterns over low wagers. 

Join a Syndicate

You can form a group with family and friends to pool bets and jointly compete in slot tournaments. If your syndicate is consistent with their bets, there’s a higher chance that one person for the group will clinch the grand prize.  

Practice with Free Games

If the games are available in free mode, you should try practicing with them. That way, you’ll get acquainted with the gameplay and have more knowledge about payouts. Even through jackpots are a game of luck, you can pick some essential information that lets you win real money. 

Choose Slots with Higher Reward Potential 

No two bonuses are equal. Some slots promise higher payouts than others. So, it may be helpful to target those games that have a higher potential for rewards. A good example is the Mega Moolah that pays out millions. 

The Most Popular Jackpot Slots

Slot jackpots today are more popular than they used to be in the past decade. There is also a large variety of this type of products across online casinos. Here are six of the most popular and highly rewarding slots you can play for massive real money wins. 

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is the highest-paying game in the history of online casinos jackpots. The slot is a 2006 release from the studios of Microgaming. Inspired by an African safari adventure, the game pays out up to 1,000,000. Microgaming has released different versions of this title, it has an RTP of 88% and is played on a grid of five reels with 25 paylines.

Dream Drop

It is one of the newest mega-money releases from Relax Gaming Group. The game features five reward tiers, namely Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major and Mega jackpot payouts. The maximum value you can earn on this progressive jackpot slot is 1,000,000 EUR. Within a few months of its release, the slot had its first winner, taking home 924,386.51 EUR.  

Divine Fortune

NetEnt is one of the top developers of jackpot slots and Divine Fortune is a major release in that category. There are three prize levels here, namely Minor, Major and Mega. You can bet a maximum of 200 credits and win up to 200x in the base game. The game has five reels and 20 paylines, in addition to multiplier bonuses and free spins. 

Mega Fortune 

Mega Fortune is another highly rated NetEnt slot with massive winning potential for players. It operates a progressive slot mechanic and has a luxurious theme. Just like other NetEnt releases, it has three prize levels and holds a record win of 17.8 million won by a player in 2013. At the base game, you can win 2,162x your bet and an RTP of 96.6%. 

Aztec’s Millions 

This live slot is developed with a predominant Aztec theme. It operates on a grid with 25 paylines and five reels. Aztec’s Millions is developed by RealTime Gaming (RTG) and promises up to 5000 coins. Unlike many progressive jackpots, there is no waiting period after a prize pool has been won. Each pool automatically resets with a starting payout of 1 million. 

Age of the Gods

Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, Age of the Gods is an interesting slot game from Playtech. It has a multilevel progressive mini-game and lucky players can get to win at least one of four bonus options. The highest-paying symbol in the slot returns up to 200x your bet. Ultimate Power is the largest prize pot in this product, and it returns at least 100,000 EUR.

FAQ about Jackpot Inside

What is the difference between fixed jackpots and progressive ones?
Fixed jackpots have a predetermined mega money price before the start of the tournament. This value does not increase after it is set, regardless of how many players place wagers. However, progressive bonuses start with a fixed prize and increase by accumulating a share of the bet amount of all players.
How much real money can I win from a jackpot?
Unlike base game wins, the prize attached to a jackpot is usually massive. The total amount you win from a slot largely depends on the game and your casino. But most games offer up to hundreds of thousands and even millions in rewards. The biggest slot is the Mega Moolah which has paid up to 19 million to a lucky player.
Which software developers produce the best jackpot slots?
There are dozens of reputable slot suppliers producing high-quality titles with jackpot features. Microgaming is one of the leading companies in this area. It is the brain behind the popular Mega Moolah. Other developers include Playtech, RealTime Gaming, Evolution Gaming and Red Tiger Games.
How often can players win jackpots in the same game?
The frequency of wins on a slot depends on the type. For instance, daily bonuses give payouts every day, while hourly hot drop ones produce a winner every hour. On the other hand, progressive and random gamse do not have a set time. You can win as soon as another player receives their payout, or at weekly intervals.
What triggers a jackpot win on an online slot?
In some online slots, all you need to trigger a bonus is to make a winning symbol combination. Others simply require you to spin the reels, regardless of whether it results in a win or not. Some slots also use a wheel or a meter, which qualifies you for a draw once the meter is full
How can I identify a good online casino for jackpot slots?
A good casino for slots typically offers a low house edge and a variety of slots. The best online gambling sites also issue payouts quickly. They also have multiple banking options, alongside generous bonuses for new players.
Can you know when a jackpot is about to be hit?
Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when the game is about to be triggered. The jackpot feature is activated at random and cannot be predicted. That’s why we advise gamblers to play constantly and at intervals to improve their chances of winning the grand prize.
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