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In addition to the following “Privacy Policy” (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”), your use of this website and any programs, services, or software that are offered on it is subject to the following “Disclaimer” and “Terms of Use” (incorporated herein). Each page of this site contains an obvious and unambiguous link to the Policy, so all users have access to it.
Our commitment to protecting your privacy is the foundation of’s commitment to your continued patronage. Our Privacy Policy outlines how this website collects, manages, and uses your personal information to provide you with information about how it works.
Both our Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy are subject to periodic updates. Changing either document takes immediate effect, so the user is responsible for regularly reviewing them to remain informed about their current contents and features.

Minors: Important Information

There is no marketing or advertising of this site to minors, or anyone without the legal capacity to engage in online gambling activities. The use of this site and its services is strictly prohibited for anyone under the age of 18. For this reason, no personal information is collected from children under 18 on this site, nor do we collect age-identifying information from them.

Data Collection Types and Reasons

A user’s non-personal or personal information is collected when they visit and/or utilize this site.

Using Non-Personal Data

During your visit to or usage of this site, we may automatically collect the following general information about you and your activities:

  • Your computer’s type for accessing the internet.
  • A computer’s features, capabilities, and functionality.
  • A computer’s general geographic location.
  • Internet connection identifier or server name.
  • You are accessing the website at the current date and time.
  • You are moving and using the website in a particular sequence.
  • Technical information related to other non-personal matters.

A variety of data about user movements and activity on the site is collected and stored primarily for research, analysis and further development, including page views, time spent on specific pages, browsing habits, traffic patterns, click preferences, and bounce rates. Each time you connect to the internet, a certain collection of information is communicated to the host website by your web browser or software. From any of the above information, the user cannot be identified. To assist us in our tireless efforts to continuously redesign and redesign for improved functionality and a better user experience, this tool gathers statistics and generates reports about user usage whenever they visit

Using Personal Data

Compared to non-personal information, which is gathered and used to enhance the overall visitor experience, personal information helps meet the specific needs of the user. Your unique individual identity is disclosed through the information you provide voluntarily to or closely affiliated third parties for receiving more personalized service from or its closely affiliated third parties.
You may be identified, and your contact information is maintained by retrieving and maintaining the following information:

  • Username and/or birth name.
  • Email and/or website addresses.
  • Address of your physical home.
  • Phone numbers for your home and/or mobile devices.
  • Other personally identifiable information that you voluntarily provide.

Subscribers may submit their personal information via newsletter, sports pick, or other periodic information or features. Comments you post on your webpage, direct contact forms, live chat forums, and affiliate partners may collect personal information from you as well. In accordance with the extent of your data and the nature of your inquiries, affiliate partners share information with us.
We may securely store and use user data for a variety of purposes and in the following manners, but we will never sell or disclose it to anybody, at any time, to anyone. A legitimate interest may be justified by using this information for the following reasons:

  • Involvement in communication – the process of keeping users informed about important site information, fulfilling subscription obligations, advising them of affiliate/partner products or services or offers, or responding to queries or support requests submitted by users.
  • Publication – if users have given permission to use their name or likeness in advance.
  • Retention of records – every recordable interaction between a site visitor and that site is required to be recorded and stored, including all correspondence as well.
  • User preferences – a person’s direct indication of his or her interests in sports, entertainment, and gaming options, as well as site operations.
  • Tracking on internal servers – using cookies, IP addresses, and other technology.

If your computer’s IP address is associated with other personally identifiable information, it could be considered personal information. By sending small strings of text through browsers, cookies gather, track, and store bits of information on user hard drives and are also generally accepted methods for combining personalized identifiers with information collected.

Cookie Use Expanded

Users are encouraged to use cookies for collecting information about the pages they visit, the materials they download, and other activities they engage in on this site, in addition to those separate sites they access before and after this site. By doing so, can make their entire visits and navigation tendencies more personalized, purposeful, and enjoyable as a result of its ability to customize its offerings to specific users. By recognizing and recalling visitor interactions, the most user-applicable features can be activated instantly, thereby increasing user access and effectiveness.

Updates, Amendments, and Acceptance of Policies

This Policy applies to all visitors and users of this site. Any changes, modifications, or amendments to this Privacy Policy made by are immediately effective and will take effect once published. Updates to this Policy should be reviewed periodically by the user.

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