Last Update: 12.02.2023

Players can find support and help from our responsible gambling section. This section provides information on gambling’s health and financial implications, as well as global contacts and resources for problem players. So that you can live a healthy, happy life, we want to empower you to be a safer and more informed user online.

Some players may become addicted to gambling. Games at casinos are intended to be fun. Using the right strategy or having a streak of luck can make you some good money if you play the best slot machines. That’s what makes them so exciting and thrilling.

Every casino takes steps to help players who have trouble controlling themselves, so they can help themselves.

Player Self-Exclusion

Despite the fact that most players gamble to have fun, it is known that gambling can have serious consequences for a minority of people. Our commitment to responsible gaming is reflected in our implementation and maintenance of eCOGRA’s responsible gaming standards.
Considering one of the following options may help you to make a change in your gambling behavior:

  • The cooling-off period must be at least seven (7) days;
  • The self-exclusion period must be at least six (6) months long.

The exclusion period will lock your gaming account if you select one of these options. During this period, we will also avoid sending promotional materials to you.

Deposit Limits:

Furthermore, players are also able to adjust deposit limits at any time in order to ensure a safe gaming experience.

Our players can choose from three options:

  • Each player is limited to a maximum deposit of $100 per day.
  • Each player is limited to one deposit per week.
  • Players are limited to a monthly deposit limit.

The safe and reliable online casino can change your deposit limits or offer you a self-exclusion period or even permanent exclusion if needed. Please contact them for assistance.

Contacts in the US dealing with gambling addiction

These local contacts can help you with problem gambling:


A range of programs and treatment options are available through the National Council on Problem Gambling. Listed by state are also resources for finding help.

Mayo Clinic

It provides expert care for individuals suffering from a variety of serious illnesses. Mayo Clinic is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping patients. Providing information on compulsive gambling is one of their most useful services.

Contacts in Canada dealing with gambling addiction


It is based in Canada, but provides help to people around the world as well. RGC can provide you with valuable information about safe gambling and can also direct you to treatment and therapy in your area.

Contacts in the UK dealing with gambling addiction


Gamblers suffering from gambling harm can find information, advice, and support at GamCare, the UK’s leading gambling harm charity.

Gamblers Anonymous UK

An international group offering help to gambling addicts, Gamblers Anonymous, was formed in 1964 in the United Kingdom.

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